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Ignatius set out to teach people how to become a kind of person who, through a sort of learned intuition, could detect the sources of oneís thoughts, emotions and actions.

Through the discernment of the sources - which he called Discernment of Spirits - the decider could determine Godís will in any given situation.  In other words, once a decider could recognize the motivations moving her towards one particular choice or another, then the work of coming to a decision becomes easy: the decider could simply choose the option which comes from God.

Discernment is the internal skill - the Ignatian Intuition - of recognising the motives attracting and repulsing the decider toward or away from any given option.  Ignatian discernment then isnít so much about what to do but about who to be.  Itís about becoming a person in tune with the movements that lead one to God. The doing will flow from the being.
Mark Thibodeaux, S.J.

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