Canisius Centre of Ignatian Spirituality

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102 Mona Vale Rd Pymble, NSW 2073

Canisius Centre of Ignatian Spirituality

Canisius Centre of Ignatian Spirituality warmly welcomes all who seek a time of reflection, contemplation and prayer
In our world of busyness and noise of TV, radio, computer, mobile phone, iPod and the like, people may feel disconnected from themselves, others and their God, At Canisius we seek a place where stillness, silence and solitude can be experienced.

To facilitate this spiritual journey and engagement with God, we offer days of prayer and reflection, and retreats ranging from 2-40 days as well as on-going spiritual accompaniment.  

The activities at Canisius are underpinned by the spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola to help people “find God in all things” and recognize God in all aspects of our daily life. This awareness of the presence of God in our lives and in our world invites us to be “men and women for others” creating a better world for all. In seeking to find and know God and to learn what he asks of us in our lives, we discover ways of dealing with our lives through good decision making.

God is mystery, unfathomable, incomprehensible, beyond all possible imaginings, beyond all names. Even when silent and seemingly distant, God is nonetheless near. God can be encountered, experienced and known in a way that can neither be mistaken nor confounded. 
We invite you to come to Canisius and attend to your restlessness, your yearning for the One who loves you unconditiionally.

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